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Carla Boyd Terre

I hired Carla Terre Boyd in the middle of a contentious divorce. I had been in the process of divorce for several months when I found Carla. She was an absolute life saver. Carla listened to me. She listened to me attentively and made me feel heard. Carla made me feel as if I were her most important client from the very first time we interacted. I knew she heard me because she immediately took action and started addressing the key areas of concern that I had. She also made me aware of important factors that I had not previously considered. She was focused and sharp every time we interacted. It felt great to have such a consummate professional in my corner. I highly recommend Carla Terre Boyd to anyone in need of a family law attorney. Her office staff are a pleasure to work with and Carla herself is at the top of her game. I will always be grateful to Carla for helping me through one of the most difficult periods of my life.

– Joe W.

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life was my decision to retain Carla Boyd Terre’s services. Carla was magnificent. She did her homework on my case, which was complex and clearly going to be a long and contentious struggle. She was so thoughtful, understanding, and conscious of all of the minor details of my son’s circumstances that there were times that I marveled that she had other clients to whom I’m sure she was giving just as much of her focus and dedication. She really made me and my wife feel like we were her only clients even though her calendar was absolutely full! I honestly don’t know how she managed. Her counsel was always insightful. She was not afraid to give sobering analysis of our prospects, regardless of whether or not we were pleased to hear it. She prepared us for every scenario, in court and out, and she herself was always impeccably prepared. She was extraordinarily mindful of the chargeable time she spent on our case and did everything she could to minimize our expenses, always sympathetic and understanding of the fact that I am not a man of means. And when the time came for her to dig in and fight, when negotiation had failed and there was no other option, she was tough and dogged, single minded in her dedication to achieving the just and desired outcome. Meeting Carla was a life changer for me, and a life saver for my son. Carla Boyd Terre is the very best that Sonoma County has to offer. In the words of my former attorney: if you want the best, save yourself the trouble and call Carla!

– Sadik B.

Carla was the last person I interviewed as a divorce attorney, and within just a few minutes I realized I had found a complete treasure. Carla is empathetic, yet at the same time she speaks the truth. Through her wise counsel, I took the best action for me and my family — an action that I had never considered before. What I appreciate about Carla is her candor and compassion. She really understood how I felt in our proceedings, never once telling me I should take action “this way” or “that way” — she took the time to understand what *I* wanted, and made suggestions based on that. I totally feel like she is a collaborator, working with her clients to achieve the best possible outcome.

– Diane E.

Carla came highly recommended to me when I was looking for a great divorce attorney to represent me. We had a rather complicated case with various properties and businesses to sort out as well as a separate property claim brought on by my ex-husband. Carla handled the case with superior professionalism and we did reach a resolution. I would recommend Carla to anyone looking for a divorce attorney, you will be lucky to have her on your side.

– Marie C.

Carla is professional, diligent, creative, smart and credible. Carla has done some research for me on some complicated family law issues. She has also represented me in court involving issues with my ex-wife. I had confidence in her research as well as her in-court presence. She was able to represent my interests with strength and competence while maintaining integrity. Her and her team efficiently manages the case. You can count on her to tell you the truth. You can count on her to represent your interests knowledgeably and eloquently.

– Rob D.

Carla Terre’s legal help was first rate! I had been involved in a nasty divorce lawsuit for 6 years with my ex-wife. Carla’s new direction in the case was spot on and the suit ended in settlement in a relatively short period of time. I found her staff to be professional and the co-council she brought in a great asset. As a male client coming into a mostly female office staff, I always felt like an important and valued individual.

– Janver H.