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Experienced In Briefing And Arguing Appeals

Terre Family Law, Inc offers appellate representation for individuals seeking to appeal a court order or respond to an appeal. With a cost-effective approach, we will assist you to determine the pros and cons of appealing a court order by offering honest and informative advice.

If you are a respondent in an appeal, we will help you understand what lies ahead with the appellate process and can help you respond to the other party’s appeal of the court’s order.

Sonoma County Lawyers Working For Fair Results In Family Law Appeals

Our attorneys are accomplished legal writers, and have extensive experience drafting compelling legal arguments to the appellate court.

The following factors must be taken into account when considering an appeal:

• Whether you have a valid issue to appeal

• The advantages of an appeal or if the expenditure outweighs potential gains

• The necessity to respond to or offer defense against an appeal by the other party

• Whether you can appeal based on timelines and court rules

To discuss the possibility of a family law appeal, contact us online or call our Santa Rosa law office today at 707-867-0404.