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Making Difficult Decisions Easier On Your Children

The breakup of a family can take a great emotional toll on any child involved. With so many frightening issues on their minds, stability and honest communication become paramount for your child’s safety and well-being. Having the guidance of an experienced lawyer during these difficult times can offer peace of mind for parents and children alike, and help bring a close to a challenging period in your lives.

With a focus on your child, Terre Family Law, Inc offers compassionate and knowledgeable advice on a number of child-related family law issues, including:

• Completion of effective parenting plans

• Relocations and move-away cases

• Paternity and parentage

Focused On The Well-being Of Your Children

Creating an effective parenting plan that is functional for both parents and child is vital to helping your child adjust after a divorce or separation. Our attorneys will take the time to get to know every aspect of your individual case, and offer knowledgeable advice to help create a child custody and support plan that will not cause additional stress to your children.

We understand the benefits of working through the issues related to your child amicably, and offer extensive advice on how to do so. If an amicable parenting plan cannot be reached, our attorneys have the knowledge needed to effectively ask the court for assistance in obtaining a court-ordered parenting plan. Sometimes involving therapists who have training in child custody areas might assist you and the other parent with parenting after a separation or divorce. We are familiar with local therapists trained in this area and can assist you and your family with getting the help that may make a difference for your child.

Comprehensive Experience In Parentage Actions

Caring for the well-being of a child born outside of a marriage or a registered domestic partnership presents a different set of challenges. These situations often involve questions of child custody as well as child support, and can include the issue of paternity. We have significant experience handling these cases in Superior Court and can effectively guide clients to satisfactory resolutions where paternity, child custody and child support are concerned.

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