Helping To Equitably Divide Marital Assets

Terre Family Law has considerable experience handling complex property division cases, including the division of retirement plans, real estate, investment accounts, businesses and stock options. We can discuss with you the best possible outcome for you when you are faced with having to divide property that you and the other party have accumulated during your marriage or registered domestic partnership.

Sometimes, it is necessary to employ the services of an expert to assist with the division of your property. We have experience working with a variety of other professionals retained as either a joint expert for you and the other party or as your expert. These experts include forensic accountants, CPAs, financial advisers, real estate agents, residential and commercial real estate appraisers, actuaries and employee benefit plan advisers.

It is important to know when it would benefit you to hire an expert and whether that expert should be jointly retained or not. It is also important to weigh the cost of the expert against the value of your assets and debts to determine how to proceed. Our experience working with experts on the issue of division of property will assist us in providing guidance to you if this is an issue in your case.

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