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Hiring Carla Boyd Terre as the Mediator in your Divorce or Custody Case

In addition to offering individual representation, Carla Boyd Terre is also available to be a Mediator in your divorce, child custody, or parentage proceeding. Carla has been doing mediation since 2008. When you hire Carla as a Mediator you and the other party can attend mediation individually or with your attorneys present. Carla will assist you to come to an agreement in as cost effectively and efficiently as possible and Carla and her staff will also assist you with all of your forms.

Sometimes a resolution is reached during one meeting with Carla, but more often several meetings are needed. Carla brings her years of experience as a family law attorney negotiating settlements and obtaining results for her clients to her role as Mediator and is able to assist parties to reach agreements. Mediation may be a good choice for you and the other party because agreements can be reached without ever having to go to court, which can cost a lot less financially and emotionally, allowing you to move on with your life more quickly and without as significant of a toll on your life and relationships as litigation can sometimes cause.

Using Mediation to Resolve your Case

If you and the other party choose mediation, you will attend meetings with a mediator to discuss resolution of your case. You can attend these meetings with or without your attorneys. The mediator will work with you and your attorneys to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both parties.

The mediator's fees are often split between the parties, or if there is a disparity in the income of the parties, the higher earning party may pay more than the other party.

The decision of whether to have your attorney go with you to mediation is one that you can discuss with your attorney. There are pros and cons to both approaches.

The attorneys at Terre Family Law have attended many mediation sessions with her clients, and most of them have resolved in agreements being reached. After an agreement is reached, your attorney will assist you in putting the agreement into a writing that can be filed and become a court order.

Let Us Help You Reach an Agreement

Contact our Sonoma County family law office by email or by telephone to discuss which approach is best for your individual situation and needs.